About Me

Hello there. I am Ginger Burns – a wife, mama and artist. I do my best to fill my days with creativity and love the satisfaction of a completed project I made myself. I am a true DIY junkie and it extends to pretty much all areas of my life – my home, my life as a mama, and my artsy pursuits. I have dabbled in all sorts of media – acrylics, collage, pastel, watercolor, encaustic, stitching and any and all of the above. My head is constantly swirling with ideas and sometimes the only way to get it to stop is to pick up a paintbrush or rearrange furniture or start stitching scraps of fabric together. I always have several things going at once and am happy to flit from one thing to another. It may not be the most efficient way to work but it’s me.

This blog is where I share my creative ventures and this amazing life I’ve been blessed with. It is a creative outlet in itself, but more than that, it is a reminder for me to slow down and really take in the day to day moments. Stopping to take a photo at stages while I paint often gives me a new perspective.  Making little mental notes throughout my day is a way for me to really live in the present. It is my hope that you might find bits of inspiration here that will serve as that little nudge we all need to get creative and do what makes you happy. I truly believe that there is creativity inside of all of us and when we allow ourselves to do what truly makes us happy the other pieces fall into place. Thank you for stopping by.

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Ginger Burns