Last week I shared my new weaving obsession and thought I would show a couple more that I have finished.

Weaving 1

This first one is sort of a sampler of new yarns I wanted to try, every technique I had yet learned, and experimentation with color and texture. It is by no means the best I hope to make, but I do really like it and learned so much in the process of making this one.


One thing I’ve learned is that I love yarn! I have been crocheting for a while and have always loved the idea that I can make a totally new thing from what was just a ball of yarn, but this process has allowed me to really experiment with the wide range of yarns that are available and I have been missing out. My first visit to the yarn shop I spent an hour just looking at the different textures and fibers and was amazed at how much variety there is. I have found that I absolutely love wool! I have never worked with it because I worried about it being too scratchy or too hot, but there are so many different varieties and so many of them are incredibly soft. Shopping in big box craft stores I have mostly worked with acrylic but the range of natural fibers is really exciting and I am loving experimenting.

Weave 2

I made this second little mini weave while we were in Mississippi over Christmas. I thought about this one a little more ahead of time because I needed to narrow down which yarns to take with me. I stuck to horizontal lines here but still used a variety of techniques. In the end I think it is more cohesive than the first, so limiting my palette a bit from the start may be a good thing for me.


I experimented with big loops of yarn and also tried out using raw wool roving I had in my stash from Hobby Lobby. It was a bit difficult to work with and not the softest but I am curious to try out other types of wool roving and see how it goes.

Weave 3

This mini weave came along after yet another visit to the yarn store. I still may have a bit too much going on for one small area but I like it. I made big bulky fringe at the bottom here and used several big chunky yarns before switching to much thinner and it definitely gave the weave a bit of a pear shape so I think I need to pay more attention to yarn weights as I work to keep the shape more uniform. Here I also experimented with my warp (vertical) threads closer together so had to think a little more about how to incorporate the chunky yarns so they kept their texture.


I tried out including some ribbon trim and playing with an open area of warp threads with yellow yarn wrapped around them. I really like the detail it added so I will likely be incorporating those ideas again.

I so love the process of starting something totally new. I love the learning and the experimentation and the way it brings in inspiration for so many other interests. I have others in the works and am excited to see where this new hobby goes next. For one thing, I am thinking I need a bigger loom!

3 thoughts on “Weavings

  1. Hi Ginger, hope is well in your world. It’s great that you’ve found yet another creative endeavor, these are lovely! I have a neighbor who weaves macrame and I’m fascinated by it. I especially like how you’ve incorporated some lace-like trim, but I’m a sucker for lace.

    Have a gorgeous weekend!

    1. Hi Melanie, I appreciate your complement on the weavings- they really are so fun to make! I have seen some amazing examples of macrame online but have never tried it. Maybe one day. Hope you and yours are doing well!

  2. Ginger…love the variety of textures and materials, soft colors, and negative space incorporated within design…congrats on another creative adventure for YOU !

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